Did rupert grint dating georgia groome

His most recent appearance was in the comedy Moonwalkers, in which he starred as Jonny, a rock band manager who develops a staged moon landing.The film premiered last year and then went out recently on limited release in the USA.In an unassuming Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, I wait for Jennifer Garner.

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The star, who soared to fame as Ron Weasley in the J.

Onlookers said he seemed really upset by that, so I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to admit the relationship after that.

Also, it’s obvious he really doesn’t want to talk about his relationship in interviews and denying he has one is the best way to get around that. That is upsetting to hear and there will always be horrible people out there – that won’t go away.

Grint revealed his tendency to get drunk in an interview in 2011, when he said: ‘I’ m a bit of a lightweight and I tend to get smashed.

I’ve lost a number of belongings as a result.’ In the same year he woke up in a graveyard after an alcohol-fuelled night out with a friend.