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The organizer is not responsible for arranging carpooling opportunities on your behalf - that is strictly the responsibility of every individual member. Please note that we are not a professional organization nor a group composed of trained professional guides.

Ecospirit is run entirely on the efforts of volunteers and the active participation of members.

The car could also judge the attitude and mood of the driver based on their reactions and how they are driving, and could offer advice on how to improve their current mood.

The seats inside are like stools which could freely spin and rotate.

The Pod was unique as it was designed with artificial intelligence systems built in to make the car appear more personal.The Pod was featured in the game Gran Turismo Concept and had an exclusive race to itself.A new track - using segments from the Clubman Stage Route 5 course - was created which involved 6 Pods driving through the pitlane backwards before stopping in a special area for several seconds before being allowed to resume racing.The success of each event depends on the cooperation & efforts of every member who participates.Although we always make an effort to look out for one another, to the best of our ability, each of us is nevertheless responsible for our own safety and well-being during every event. Please be aware, our organizers are not professional guides, we do not have event fees or membership fees.