Updating windows live custom domains failed

You can find out more at com The blog site you are currently on, jptacek.com, is using Windows Azure websites, which is a great way to quickly get a web presence up and running.

The site also provides very low barrier to entry for setting up blogging engines or CMS applications.

As announced a while ago, Microsoft is migrating all mailboxes to the Office 365 Exchange Online mail servers.

This will give you a much better synching experience to Outlook but unfortunately may require you to re-add the account in Outlook and make some additional changes once your mailbox has been moved over.

$ heroku domains === example Heroku Domain example.=== example Custom Domains Domain Name DNS Target --------------- -------------------------- you’re using the SSL Endpoint, note that your DNS Targets will be a little different.

For apps in the Common Runtime, the endpoint domain name will vary depending on region.

To manage domains for an app in Dashboard, go to its “Settings” tab.This guide contains all the information regarding this migration process; It’s current status, what you need to do beforehand, what you need to do afterwards and some of the other major changes you need to be aware of.As you may know, the mail service originated from the Hotmail mail service and is offered for free.Ads will only show within the web interface which you can optionally disable via an Ad Free subscription just like now.Ads also won’t show when you open the Skype, Notifications or Help Pane on the right side.